To Query Somatic Motifs

To query somatic motifs based on your own target information, please use our SMDB database.

Useful mutation/SNP/RNA editing data

  • dbSNP
  • The Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Database.

  • GTEx
  • The Genotype-Tissue Expression project is an ongoing effort to build a comprehensive public resource to study tissue-specific gene expression and regulation.

  • ICGC
  • International Cancer Genome Consortium.

  • TCGA
  • The Cancer Genome Atlas Program.

  • REDIportal V2.0
  • The largest RNA editing resource for human and other organisms.

    Useful RNA Binding Protein Motifs database

  • A daTabase of RNA binding proteins and AssoCiated moTifs.

  • oRNAment
  • o RNA motifs enrichment in complete transcriptomes.

  • The database of RNA-binding Protein specificities.

  • RBPmap
  • Mapping Binding Sites of RNA Binding Proteins.

    Useful Transcription Factor Motifs database

  • 3D-footprint
  • footprintDB
  • humanC2H2ZF-ChIP
  • HumanTF
  • HumanTF2
  • SMILE-seq
  • UniPROBE

  • Useful Genomic interval data

  • miRBase
  • The microRNA database.

  • starBase v2.0
  • For decoding miRNA-mRNA, miRNA-ceRNA, miRNA-lncRNA, miRNA-circRNA, miRNA-pseudogene and protein-RNA interaction networks.