AnnoGen: Annotating Genomewide Pragmatic Features


Genome annotation is an important step for all in-depth bioinformatics analysis. It is imperative to augment quantity and diversity of genome-wide annotation data for the latest reference genome to promote its adoption by ongoing and future impactful studies. We developed a python toolkit AnnoGen, which at the first time, allows the annotation of three pragmatic genomic features for the GRCh38 genome in enormous base-wise quantities. The three features are chemical binding Energy, sequence information Entropy and Homology Score. The Homology Score is an exceptional feature that captures the genome-wide homology through single-base-offset tiling windows of 100 continual nucleotide bases. AnnoGen is capable of annotating the proprietary pragmatic features for variable user-interested genomic regions and optionally comparing two parallel sets of genomic regions. AnnoGen is characterized with simple utility modes and succinct HTML report of informative statistical tables and plots.


The detailed protocols can be found at github.


AnnoGen: Annotating Genomewide Pragmatic Features, Bioinformatics, btaa027.