EditPredict is a tool for A->I RNA editing prediction. EditPredict model was constructed using flanking sequences of 4.67 million known RNA editing events based on Convolutional Neural Networks. Our model achieved a 96.8% accuracy in ten-fold cross-validation, and a 95.5% accuracy on an independent RNA editing dataset. In the model below, you can predict the probability of RNA editing of any given genomic positions in human genome.

Input Chromosomes and Positions
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 Mouse (mm10)    Bee    Fly    Squid    Human (hg19)    Human (hg38) 
  •  Alu RNA editing 
  •  non-Alu RNA editing 

Select ...   An optional VCF file can be provided to generated personalized flanking sequences based on SNPs in the flanking regions of the potential RNA editing sites. Even though the VCF format has been standardized, small variations in VCF format occurs frequently. We tried to incorporate as many VCF formats as possible. But there is a small chance that your VCF does not work with our current implementation. In such a case, please contact us and provide an example of your VCF file.

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