The advance in NGS technologies has also created significant challenges in bioinformatics. One of the ma-jor challenges is the quality control of sequencing data. There has been heavy focus on performing raw data quality control. In order to correctly interpret the quality of the DNA sequencing data, however, prop-er quality control should be conducted at all stages of DNA sequencing data analysis: raw data, alignment, and variant detection. We designed QC3, a quality control tool aimed at those three major stages of DNA sequencing. QC3 monitors quality control metrics at each stage of NGS data and provides unique and in-dependent evaluations of the data quality from different perspectives. QC3 offers unique features such as detection of batch effect and cross contamination.


QC3 can downloaded at github.


Guo Y, Zhao SL, Sheng QH, Ye F, Li J, Lehmann B, Pietenpol J, Samuels DC, Shyr Y: Multi-perspective quality control of Illumina exome sequencing data using QC3. Genomics 2014, 103(5-6):323-328.